POS Design Solutions

      A cardboard display can be used everywhere.  They are popular by its light weight, easy assemble structure, flexible shape, effective cost and OEM service.

      In the supermarket, a cardboard PDQ tray is usually used to display the slim shape products, such as water bottles, notebooks  and greeting cards. The FSDU can present a very good look and be stable with products on. Paper floor display stand by its own and say hello to everyone. Cardboard dump bins can hold big or heavy products like garden tools or ESPN ball items. You will see the cardboard end cap display are standing. The case stacked one by one, displaying like a pallet. In the public place, an attractive creative cardboard standee usually can be surrounded by lots of people, life size cut out like a super star. In the Exhibition, you can easily build up your booth by cardboard display shelves, compared to the metal or plastic accessories.

       Based on its structure,we have cardboard material display with shelves, freestanding display with hooks and FSDU display with cells. Different structures can be applied to differnt products. A cadboard shelf display can be used to products with its own standing package, let's say shampoo. Paper hook display can be used to products with holes on its top, for example electric products. Cell shape PDQ display can be used to products such as books, cards and phone accessories.

        These kind of cardboard floor displays are widely used in supermarket and stores for displaying and promotion, industries ranges from food, houseware, cosmetics, toys, electrics and other kinds of products. Lying on its creative structure and attractive artwork printing,it makes clients pay highly attention on this. It changes the tradition of promoting and selling by workers.