Quality Management


Raymin Display strictly follows seven quality managenment system to ensure quality of cardboard display, paper box, paper trolley bag and other paper products.

Supply System: Raymin Display will carry out relevant quality inspection for each raw material returned from the purchase, return the unqualified raw materials and require the supplier to make up within 2 working days.

Production Management System: For the sample, the sample is inspected for the structure and screen before the sample is made. After the sample is made, the corresponding structural test will be carried out, and only the test can be sent to the customer. For mass order production, firstly, Raymin Display will provide printing color drafts for business and structural design confirmation before printing. After confirmation of business and structural design, it will be provided to the printing workshop for customers who have high requirements on content and color. Customers are generally required to provide color approval or provide color numbers for color matching. If there is no color approval, Raymin Display will ask the customer to confirm the color in person. Make sure that the printed product is satisfactory to the customer. In addition, before die cutting, Raymin Display asks the workshop to provide a pre-die cut sample for the sales and structural design confirmation. Finally, before labor gluding, Raymin Display also asks the shop to provide a sticky hand version for the salesman and structural design confirmation to ensure that all links were not in error.

Quality Control System: After each process in the whole production process, Raymin Display has a special quality inspector to evaluate the quality after the production process, so that problems can be discovered in the first time, and the risks are Losses are kept to a minimum.

Packing System: Raymin Display usually uses a customized packaging carton for each product produced, and five layers of thickness reinforcing carton to ensure that the product is not damaged during transportation.

Stock System: Raymin Display adpots  the warehousing system for each product produced. Each product is recorded the specific package size, weight, carton numbers and extra peices quantity.

Inspection System: Raymin Display carry out 10% inspection on each product before shipment, and make corresponding inspection report to the company for review, so that the company can know the product situation in time. For products that passed the inspection, the customer is notified to arrange the shipment. For the products that failed the inspection, the company will arrange a full inspection. If there is still a high failure rate after the full inspection, the company will directly report to the company's leaders and apply for order redo.

After-sales System: Raymin Display requires the sales to ask about the customer's product user experience. If the product is complained, Raymin Display will try best to cooperate with the customer to negotiate a solution. For the extra peices stocked at warehouse, we requires to keep them for the customer within six months, in case the goods are damaged or missing in the hands of the customers. If stocking time expired in half a year, we ask the sales to ask the customer by mail Can it be cleaned up or if it needs to be sent to the customer.